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Mental Healthcare Resources & Links

For more information on Mental Healthcare, please take a look at the following resources.

Useful websites:

Useful self-help books:

  • Believing in Yourself:  A Practical Guide to Building Self-confidence
    Author: Eric Blumenthal
    Draws on real-life examples, offering strategies intended to help gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and more self-confidence.
  • Asserting Yourself: How to Feel Confident about Getting More from Life
    Author: Cathy Birch
    This book offers a variety of techniques to help transform unhealthy, defensive behaviours into productive and assertive ones.
  • When Once Is Not Enough: Help for Obsessive Compulsives
    Authors: Gail Steketee, Kerrin White
    This book can be very helpful for OCD sufferers, their loved ones and therapists. It gives examples, defines OCD and shows sufferers what they can do to help themselves or others with OCD. This book is written in a way that is easy for anyone to understand, not just therapists.
  • Dancing with Dementia: My Story of Living Positively with Dementia
    Author: Christine Bryden
    Reading Dancing with Dementia is a must for any person who has been diagnosed with Dementia or who treats or cares for those suffering with the disease.
  • Self Help for Your Nerves: Learn to Relax and Enjoy Life Again by Overcoming Stress and Fear
    Author: Claire Weekes
    Essential guide for everything you need to know to keep relaxed through every day life.
  • Self-Help Guide to Managing Depression
    Author: Philip J. Barker
    This companion guide, which also forms part of Barker's book Severe Depression, provides a step-by-step way of taking control again.








Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the
recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.

Theodore Isaac Rubin
b. 1923

The principle aim of psychotherapy is not to transport one to an
impossible state of
happiness, but to help
(the client) acquire steadfastness and patience
in the face of suffering.

C. G. Jung
1875 -1961

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can provide positive benefits for a patient's mental and physical condition, to their sense of well-being and to the ability to manage their lives more effectively.

Dr Paul Oppedijk

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